Hair Care

Our hair is Virgin Remy hair. That means the hair comes from one donor’s head (no mixed hairs) and all the cuticles are intact and aligned. When handling the hair, always take the hair from the top where it is tied with string. Never take hair from the bottom of the bundle. When folding hair over the braid, the tail must be trimmed short, just below the tie-off.

We do not suggest you colour our Remy Hair. It is fine to colour 1B, as this is the natural colour hair. But the other colour hairs like 1, 2, 3, 4 etc has been coloured to get the desired colour. But if you want to colour your hair, we suggest you do so by a professional to make sure you get the desired outcome.

We cannot accept any liability for hair colouring gone wrong; this includes the use of silver shampoos. Always carry out a strand test prior to coloring/silver shampooing the hair to ensure the hair goes the colour you require, and the quality of the hair is not affected.

Dying, tinting or perming is done at your own risk.

1. Installation

• Always have a professional stylist fit your extensions.
• Wash your extensions before installing them. Don’t wash your hair for five days after your extensions have been fitted to ensure the bonds and weaves have set properly. Tie your hair back in a loose braid when sleeping.
• After you’ve installed your extensions your scalp can feel tender. This is normal. It is caused by the added weight on the scalp.
• Never cut any part of the top of the wefts. The wefts are hand-tied and delicate. If they are cut, then we cannot guarantee no-shedding. Never sew through the top of the wefts as it will damage and cause shedding. Always sew around the weft and not through it.

2. Washing

2.1 Before washing your hair

• Brush your hair and remove all tangles before washing it. Use a wide tooth comb or soft brush.
• Keep your hair clean. Hair tangles when dirt and sweat build up. Wash your hair after exercise, swimming etc.
• Wash 2 – 3 times a week with a mild shampoo. Before washing, detangle your hair and separate the bonds. When your extensions start growing down, the bonds need to be separated on a regular basis, to prevent matting at the roots.
• Use only hair extension shampoo and conditioner hair care products when washing your hair. These products have been specifically designed to protect Remy hair. Using non-extension hair care products can severely cut the lifespan of your extensions, causing dryness and tangling.

2.2 How to wash your hair

• Smooth the shampoo down the extension hair – never rub, it will tangle. Wash your hair upright (a shower is ideal). Never tip your extensions over a sink or bath, pat hair gently to remove excess water. Do not rub. Be careful when washing long hair extensions in a basin because hair gather at the bottom of the basin and tangle.
• Condition from the mid-lengths to the ends of the extension hair. Do not apply conditioner where the extensions are attached to the head.
• Gently massage your scalp with your fingertips, using a light up and down motion. Never wash or rub your hair in circular motions as it will tangle and matt.
• Pick out the top section of your hair and apply conditioner. Once hair is washed, pat them gently rather than rubbing them together.
• Don’t apply too much water suddenly as your hair will swell up and cause tangles.

3. Brushing and Combing

The extensions are attached to your natural hair and therefore pulling hard and mistreating them can result in pulling out of your natural hair. Always use a soft bristle brush, wide tooth comb or tangle teaser brush.

3.1 Dry Hair

• Only use an extension brush (tangle teaser brush with cushioned based and soft bristles). They are specifically designed to ensure your extensions do not get snagged.
• Style your hair from the bottom and slowly move up. Always brush in a gentle manner and never brush more than 3 times a day.
• When brushing hold your extensions where it is attached to your head to prevent tugging.

3.2 Wet Hair

Only use a Wide Tooth Comb when your hair is wet.

4. Drying your Hair

• Before detangling your hair, spray on a leave-in conditioner or detangler spray. Then use a wide tooth comb. Make sure you don’t make contact at the attached area.
• When your hair is still damp, spray in Protein Spray or use Argan oil/serum. Dry your extensions using the cool setting on your hair dryer first. Never use the hot setting.
• Section your hair and blow dry with a soft bristle brush. Use a thermal protection spray or serum when straightening your hair.
• Section your hair and blow dry in sections.
• Point the hair dryer to the floor to smooth the extension hair. Never leave your hair extensions to dry naturally and never rough dry your extensions.

5. Styling Your Extensions

• Tongs, crimpers, hair flat irons and heated rollers can be used on your extension hair. Always use heat protection spray.
• Hairspray, gels and serums can be used.
• The overuse of heat tools can cause your extensions to dry out considerably. Use a protection serum to avoid these issues.

6. Colouring Your Extensions

• We suggest you do not perm, tint or colour your hair extensions, yourself. Remember that all the colours, except    natural colour 1B, already contains multi-tones of colour to get the desired colour. If you want to colour we        suggest you get a professional to do it to get the colour you want.
• We cannot be responsible for any problems you have with the hair as over-dyeing will damage the hair cuticles. These products contain various elements which may damage extension hair.
• Dying, tinting and perming your hair is done at your own risk.

7. Hair care products

• Use a good quality shampoo and leave-in conditioner to keep your hair soft and manageable. Don’t overdo it. Too much conditioner or any other hair care product can cause build-up and tangling.
• Always use a heat protection spray before drying or using heat on your hair.
• Avoid hair products that contain alcohol or ethanol. Alcohol makes hair dry.

8. Outdoors, holidays and swimming

• Swimming with extensions or a wig is not recommended. However, if you do swim with extensions, we advise:

– Don’t get your extensions wet. Use a swim cap and tie up long extensions in a braid.
– Avoid diving and under water swimming. The chlorine present in pools and salt in the sea along combined with heat can matt and the chemical within the pool can cause discoloration.
– If your extensions got wet while swimming, dry them immediately after rinsing with fresh water and using a leave-in conditioner. Avoid brushing wet extension hair and dry them immediately.
– Make sure your extensions are not tangled after swimming.

9. Pregnancy

Hair extensions during pregnancy and 1-year post pregnancy are not advised.

10. Sleeping

Dry your hair thoroughly before going to bed. So, if you are planning on washing your hair, make sure you do it several hours before bed time. You also need to tie up your hair gently before you sleep so that the hair does not tangle up.

Maintenance Tips for Different Hair Styles

1. Straight Hair, Natural Body Wave and Permed Curly / Natural Curly

• Shampoo at least once a week.
• Use a shampoo no higher than a pH 7.
• Dilute one ounce of shampoo in a bowl or jug with a pint of warm water.
• Sponge the shampoo into the hair.
• Do not massage.
• Rinse thoroughly.
• Apply conditioner and combo hair, starting with the end working your way up to your scalp.
• Rinse thoroughly.
• Let air-dry.


• Brush with a soft tooth brush or wide tooth comb to style.
• Use styling aids, such as mouse, gel, and hairspray in moderation (preferably alcohol-free products).


• Before going to bed, braid your hair into one loose braid at the back of the neck. After waking up, undo braid and comb through beginning at the ends and working your way up to roots.

Specific Conditions

Static Hair

• In colder months, you may experience some static. The best way to deal with this is to dampen your hands with water and rub your hands together so they are warm. Run the palms of your hands over your hair, without actually touching your hair. This process should help control the static.
• Immediately after showering, undo braid, comb hair and let air dry.
• Follow with appropriate shampooing and conditioning as needed.


• Braid hair into one braid at back of neck.
• The water of the sauna will penetrate the hair and wet it.
• Do not wrap hair in towel, which will compress it.
• After sauna keep head out of shower.
• Immediately after showering undo braid, comb hair and let air dry.
• Follow with appropriate shampooing and conditioning as needed.


• Braid hair into one braid at back of neck.
• After sunbathing do not unbraid until hair has cooled down.
• After hair cools, undo braid, comb hair.
• Follow with appropriate shampooing and conditioning as needed.

Miscellaneous Tips

• Although our hair extensions are real human hair, it is not receiving nutrients from the scalp like the real McCoy. Heat is your hair extension biggest enemy. The more you use heat, the shorter the life span of your hair. We cannot guarantee that the hair will remain silky if you use the blow dry, flat iron or curling iron.

• If you perm, tint, bleach or cellophane the hair, you do it at your own risk. We do not guarantee any hair that has been chemically altered. If you must chemically alter it, then be sure to do a test strand first. This allows you to test how the hair will hold up to the chemicals.