Our Hair

Wair hair is Indian Virgin Remy Unprocessed hair, which is the best quality human hair in the world. Our hair comes from one single donor, the cuticles are still intact and face the same direction. It doesn’t shed, tangle or dry. It can be bleached, dyed, permed and heat treated (by a professional) without being damaged. With the right care it lasts up to 24 months.

Our hair is the original. It hasn’t been treated with harsh chemicals like acid to create a soft and shiny texture. Fake hair companies including the Chinese do this to make it look real, but will start to shed, tangle and dry after a few washes. Our hair only consists of real hair. No mixture with other hairs (goat hair, synthetic or chemically treated hair etc.) to make it look thick.

It is important to know that ALL hair comes from India. Yes, China, Brazil and Peru buy their hair from India. These varieties have been made up by the Chinese to create variety as part of a marketing tactic. The Indian women willingly donate their hair to the temple as part of a religious act to receive blessing from the gods.There is no Brazilian or Peruvian or Malaysian culture of donating hair. And even if there was, there aren’t nearly enough people in Brazil or Peru to provide the world with Brazilian and Peruvian human hair.

We have many different styles and colour of hair, but not Brazilian or Peruvian hair. There is no such thing.

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is human hair that comes from the head of a single donor. It hasn’t been silicone treated to give it that extremely soft and shiny look and feel. It has some split ends because the cuticles have not been stripped with acid wash to give it that sleek and soft look.

What is Non-Virgin Hair / Fake Virgin Hair?

Fake virgin hair doesn’t come from one single donor. It’s fallen hair or hair from the brushes of Indian women, sold to collectors. Non-Virgin hair can also consist of other types of hair like goat’s hair, synthetic hair and chemically processed hair. This is all to give it that soft and full-bodied look. But after a few washes it will shed, tangle, lose its shine and become dry.

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is when all the cuticles are 100% aligned and face the same direction. A cuticle is the outer layer of the hair that acts like a protective shell.

What is Non-Remy Hair?

Non-Remy hair is when the cuticles are not aligned and not facing the same direction. This is when the outer protective shell has been damaged.

 Why is most hair sold at beauty salon so soft and shiny?

Most hair sold at the beauty salons are not Virgin Remy hair. The hair has no split ends because it has been washed with acids that strip the cuticles all together. The hair has been coated with silicone to give it that soft look and feel, but after time the silicone will cause the hair to tangle and will become very dry.

Remy Hair Non-Remy Hair
Sourced from South Indian temples and willingly donated by Indian women, shaved at temples, collected immediately from the head. All types of hair collected from Indian brushes or hair that fell on the floor (dyed, colored, split, grey).
Hair cuticles are 100% aligned & face the same direction. Cuticles are not aligned and face different directions.
Cuticle (outer protective layer) of hair is intact, healthy and not split. Cuticle (outer protective layer) of hair is damaged and split.
Once donated at the temple hair is knot-tied immediately to ensure hair strands face same direction and same length hair. Collected from Indian brushes and fallen hair, sold to collectors. Not the same length in bundles. Hair strands don’t face the same direction.
Hair is sorted to remove grey hair and impurities (dust, oil). Hair is not sorted. Grey hair, colored hair, and impurities end up in hair bundles.
Only healthy real human hair. Hair bundles consists of different types of hair – human hair, human grey hair, goat’s hair, synthetic hair.


Virgin Hair Non-Virgin Hair / Fake Virgin Hair
Hair collected from a single head. Hair is collected from different sources including human and non-human (goat’s hair, synthetic hair, processed hair).
No silicone treatment. Not that extremely soft and silky look and feel. Treated with silicone to give it that soft, shiny and silky look and feel.
Not overly processed and won’t leave a greasy residue on your fingers. Hair has been overly processed with acid and silicone. Will leave a greasy residue on your fingers.
No bad smell. Terrible smell due to blend of chemicals and silicone treatment.
Has some split ends because it is 100% natural human hair from 1 donor. No split ends due to acid wash stripping the cuticles.
Can still feel the cuticle when you move your finger backwards along the hair strand. Can’t feel the cuticle when moving your finger backwards along the hair strand. It has been stripped with acid.